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To make a great wine you bring all of your artistry, dedication, science and passion to the table. We bring the world's most respected judges from around the world to the other side of that table. Competition on a truly international scale – all for the best of reasons – Giving Back. 

Winemaker, Young Sommer Winery

Jan Klapetzky

    Jan studied chemical engineering at the University of Notre Dame and the University at Buffalo. Graduating in 1970, he took a job with Kodak and got into home wine making in earnest, collecting books and taking classes. He moved to Williamson in 1977 and planted his own vineyard but after about ten years, realized he liked the enology part more than the viticulture part and went back to buying juice and grapes from other growers. Over the next 20 years, he received over 30 gold medals in State and National Competitions including Best Hybrid one year and Best of Show another year in the American Wine Society  National Competition. He taught home winemaking classes at a number of locations including FLCC and The NYS Wine and Culinary Center. After retiring from Kodak, Jan joined Herman Young in planning and opening Young Sommer Winery in Williamson. Jan has been the winemaker there since the winery opened in 2008. He has judged in the NYS Fair and the Finger Lakes International wine competitions.